last news from beginer freelancer

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I am freelancer

So, soon my first week as a freelancer. Three years i worked for company, i got experiense, confidence and concentration. But I felt boredom and monotony.

Now i prepare my portfolio and look for a clients.

My first freelancers day was 1 april. I had a lunch on embankment, i walked and smile for sun.

Also, i started game production. It`s BIG Jenga, i called the Bricky

vector vs pixel

Recently, shutterstock and other microstocks introduced new ruls for traccing picures. Now you can`t submit traccing painting. I agree, all traccing art looks worse. It lost texture and craft, Now i resubmit all my vector painting.

Compare 2 picters. For me 1st picture looks better.


My illustration for stocks

I don`t like spent many time on PC. last time i decided draw picters on papers with pen. It`s help me to make more artistic style faster. Tracing in adobe illustrator help me to create vector for stocks. It easier than sitting on pc and create on tablet.
There are best sale picters.


For this image need a property releaser, i make it there

Most Wanted Feature. Form autofilling.

Today, service StockReleaser was updated. Now it will automatically fill fields for Author and Witness sections within previously used values.
It works only for text fields. Signatures still have to be uploaded manually each time you are using the service.
Once you’ve filled out property release – next time, StockReleaser will use these values by default.

All data stored locally in your browser using Web Storage standard. Our servers don’t store it and know nothing about it.
More information about this standard you could find here:

We sincerely hope this feature will really save your time.

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