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(Русский) Оценка работы стока

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last news from beginer freelancer

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I am freelancer

So, soon my first week as a freelancer. Three years i worked for company, i got experiense, confidence and concentration. But I felt boredom and monotony. Now i prepare my portfolio and look for a clients. My first freelancers day was 1 april. I had a lunch on embankment, i walked and smile for sun. Also, i started [...]

StockReleaser. Owner address is now available in PropertyRelease

Today we did another one step to make such process as filling out property release easier and faster! Now, StockReleaser allows to fill owner address data in property release template. Such address will be placed in both sections: Photographer/Filmmaker and Ownership. We suppose that author of shot/picture/art and owner is the same person. Owner fields [...]

ON-line serice for create property release

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sait for videograf

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Exebition Alla Polkovnichenko

For long I’ve wanted to show you pictures by Alla Polkovnichenko. I get real pleasure, when i watch her painting.  I conceived a wish  bring her painting from Moscow in Rostov-on-Don, and arrange exebition. In August Alla arrived from capital. I asked my frends from art-cafe “Spoon”, and we meked deal about exebtion. We hunged all picters [...]

web design дядяпетя.рф

Задача: сделать интересный дизайн по письмам и воспоминаниям моего ценного заказчика, его переписка с дядей сложилась почти в книгу, и он её хотел оформить.