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Stockreleser is finished. Why we’ve stopped our service.

So, we were having an own service – Stockreleser, it helped to create releses for microstocks. Our service had about 1000 unical visiters every day. But it finished…

Most Wanted Feature. Form autofilling.

Today, service StockReleaser was updated. Now it will automatically fill fields for Author and Witness sections within previously used values. It works only for text fields. Signatures still have to be uploaded manually each time you are using the service. Once you’ve filled out property release – next time, StockReleaser will use these values by [...]

StockReleaser. Owner address is now available in PropertyRelease

Today we did another one step to make such process as filling out property release easier and faster! Now, StockReleaser allows to fill owner address data in property release template. Such address will be placed in both sections: Photographer/Filmmaker and Ownership. We suppose that author of shot/picture/art and owner is the same person. Owner fields [...]