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Stockreleser is finished. Why we’ve stopped our service.

So, we were having an own service – Stockreleser, it helped to create releses for microstocks. Our service had about 1000 unical visiters every day. But it finished…

(Русский) На каком стоке покупать подписку?

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watercolor illustration, fastfood

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vector vs pixel

Recently, shutterstock and other microstocks introduced new ruls for traccing picures. Now you can`t submit traccing painting. I agree, all traccing art looks worse. It lost texture and craft, Now i resubmit all my vector painting. Compare 2 picters. For me 1st picture looks better.  

(Русский) Чистка портфеля Shutterstock

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My illustration for stocks

I don`t like spent many time on PC. last time i decided draw picters on papers with pen. It`s help me to make more artistic style faster. Tracing in adobe illustrator help me to create vector for stocks. It easier than sitting on pc and create on tablet. There are best sale picters.      For [...]

Disappeared, gone anchor points in Illustrator? Decision

I think many people have come across a situation where the “suddenly” guide and pivot points on the curvature curves disappear. The solution, as always, is simple, but it needs to be remembered so that henceforth every time not to google this question. Decision: We remove the guides and bring them back with the keyboard [...]

StockReleaser. Owner address is now available in PropertyRelease

Today we did another one step to make such process as filling out property release easier and faster! Now, StockReleaser allows to fill owner address data in property release template. Such address will be placed in both sections: Photographer/Filmmaker and Ownership. We suppose that author of shot/picture/art and owner is the same person. Owner fields [...]

Watercolor frame for wedding invitation 9 vectors

You can buy this picters, just click on image. View all 9t watercolor  below